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Serenity Studio

Hey sensitive soul!
Let me show you how to thrive as an empath so you can feel 
confident & comfortable no matter where you are.


My methods

Three paths to explore:

Meditation is foundational to a balanced life.
Energy healing connects mind, body and soul.
Mindset determines your ability to succeed in life.

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Feed Your Soul

You can create inner sacred space and replenish your soul with online daily meditation.
Even if you can't shut up your mind.

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This is a great place to start if you are exploring your empathic nature.

Get clarity and inspiration from the Oracle & Tarot

Unsure about where to focus or what is standing in your way? A divination reading can help you gain clarity.

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Zen out morning, noon & night

This Zen kit plugs you into the power of your soul no matter where you are and what's going down. Easy to incorporate into your busy lifestyle.

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Begin with crystals

This course will give you the confidence to stroll into that magical little crystal shop and know what you need to create the best vibes for your home and workspace.

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Infinite Possibilities

Are you overwhelmed and unsure how to navigate a life of prosperity, abundance and joy?
This unique program is designed specifically for introverts and empaths. 

Learn to live and manifest from your highly sensitive perspective. 

(If enrollment is closed, join the wait list!)

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Nice to meet you!

Hi! I’m Lorraine, a Reiki Master Teacher, meditation & mindset coach and inspirational energy healer.

I work with empaths and introverts to clear overwhelm and shed old beliefs so they can embrace and trust their sensitive superpower. 

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Have a question about intuition or energy healing? Let's chat.

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